Outdoor Bowls Open Day

The Erith Veterans Club is hosting its annual Outdoor Bowls Open Day for you to come along and have a go.

Outdoor bowls has provided a lot of our veterans with a great way to get out and stay active.

We are always looking for new members to come along and join so don't be shy!

See below for all the details you will need:

9th of May at The Erith Veterans Bowls Club

(just as you turn into Erith Leisure Center)

Refreshments Available

(flat bottomed shoes are preferable to protect the greens)

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Outdoor Bowls Photos

Here are some photos of some of our members playing outdoor bowls.
If you like what you see, make sure to get in contact and come down to visit.

Outdoor Bowls 1

Outdoor Bowls 2

Outdoor Bowls 3

Outdoor Bowls 4

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